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Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh tsunamiii.

A magnitude-8.9 earthquake hit northeastern Japan, generating a tsunami as high as 10 metres. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii issued tsunami warnings for Japan, Russia, Marcus Island and the Northern Marianas and tsunami watches for Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hawaii, Guam and other Pacific islands. (Source: World News Australia)


Amad said...

Today 300+ people died, almost 100 thousand people lost their homes, 4.4 million homes in Japan has no electricity, NOW NOBODY IS RICH OR POOR, LETS ALL BE ONE AND HELP OUR FELLOW NATION, LETS BE THE CITIZEN OF THE EARTH, Lets all put our hands together and pray for the Japanese, may god bless them and give them strenght to deal with it, god bless all, put it as ur status if you care

Amad said...

BBC Breaking News:

Reaction to events at two nuclear power plants 250km (160 miles) north east of Tokyo, where states of emergencies have been declared. Environmental group Greenpeace tells the AFP news agency "Japan is in the middle of a nuclear crisis with potentially devastating consequences". Campaigner Jan Beranek adds: "While the immediate focus is on minimising radiation release and keeping local people safe, this is yet another reminder of the inherent risks of nuclear power."